Overtemp output throttling - sometimes off is better than dimming down

Am I correct that when a series 3 fixture detects an over temp state it will reduce intensity on its own?

This is of course the desired behavior for theater or live events, but for motion picture production where there is no live audience and the relevant audience is a camera, and it's ok to stop and start to fix problems, not so much.  

Is there a mode where the fixture would turn off when detecting overtemps instead of ramping down?  In the context of a motion picture shoot, it is more important that the lighting levels remain exactly where the DoP and Gaffer expect them to be.  If there is a problem, the light should turn off to indicate that, rather than the very high chance nobody will notice in the moment on monitor or by eye that it decided to dim itself down.

  • Sorry, no. This is a feature designed to protect the fixture from damage caused by heat and there is no way to disable that function. If the output has to be pulled back, it'll throw an LED High Temp, or Power Budgeting error.  Typically the fixture shouldn't hit these errors unless there are fan or air flow issues. Keeping the fan speed on auto or on high will keep the internal temperatures regulated. If the unit is still hitting these errors and the fan speeds are adequate, then there could be an issue with the internal air flow sensor, in which case you'd want to contact Tech Support to discuss repair options.