Strange behavior with Source Four LED Series 2 Lustrs

I am a console programmer working in television and film. On my current job, we frequently use Series 2 Lustrs, many which get rented and then rigged before I land on a location. HSIC mode, standard dimming curve, High 25K frequency mode. 

Today, one of our rigged Lustrs is exhibiting strange behavior. First, when I brought up the unit from 0% to 10% at 5000K, it emitted a highly saturated blue color. Bringing it up to 20% resolved the color issue. We took it to 0% for the next setup, but then when we brought it back to 10%, it didn't output any light at all. Bringing it up to 50% resolved the issue that time.

My old school gaffer sees this as nothing too out of the ordinary, coming from warming up incandescents at a higher level before bringing them down to single digit levels. I'm not buying it though. Could this just be a bad head, a symptom of 25000 Hz mode, or something else? I plan on sniffing around the settings in RDM when we break for lunch.