Series 2 Lustr

I have 18 Source Four Series 2 Lustr ellipsoidals.

Some but not all of them tend to flicker when you change colors.

All the fixtures are addressed correctly and are set to Direct.

Any ideas what might cause the flickering? And how to fix it?

  • I just noticed that the other day with some Spot V fixtures doing something similar.  What console are you using?  How are you changing colors, with the color picker or dialing them up with the encoders?  What is your system setup from console to fixture?.  What type of gateways do you have?  What EOS software version and what Library version do you have? 

  • Hi Tim,

    The most common reason your fixture might flicker while changing colors would be a patch issue--this usually occurs when what a console thinks is a color parameter is actually the strobe. I would strongly recommend double checking the mode on the fixture as well as on your console to make sure they match exactly.