Axon HD Pro Display Menu Monitor and Display Connectors

A quick note for users looking to connect menu monitors and displays.

-the Menu display aka. CMA output, is the display connector on on the small graphics card. you can only use 1 of the available connectors (VGA, DVI or HDMI)

-the Graphics output is connected to the w7000 card, via Display Port, or display port adapter. you can use up to 4 of the outputs. (limitations apply when using display devices above 1920x1080)

-the Axon Software will report a connection when there is a Display Port adapter plugged in. if you are not using multiple outputs, please remove any adapters that are connected. this is a source of odd problems.

-you are not able to use ""only"" the menu output, this will cause the software to display the Axon HD Logo only for a moment, then it will go black. This is intended.

-you are NOT able to ""trick"" the software into running by attaching an empty display port adapter.

-there is a trick to using 1 monitor for setup, the catch is, the monitor must have 2 inputs. Generally monitors with 2 inputs have 1 analog and 1 digital, the analog must be connected to the CMA connector, and the digital must be connected to the Display Port on the big graphics card (w7000.) start the system with the digital source being displayed. then switch to the analog source to display the Axon HD Logo. all available monitors are not tested, so this trick may not work for everyone

(if the server is not commanded to display output, the graphics monitor will be black)