Axon HD Pro - Audio Connectors

There are multiple audio connectors on the HD Pro. The Axon HD Pro software makes use of the 1.5mm Mini-Jack connectors - Left / Right (colored green) only.


Audio information encoded in the video file is processed by the Axon HD /HD Pro application. Only the Left and Right Channels encoded into the file will be processed at this time. To hear sound from the server, you must Enable Audio on each layer you wish to hear, adjust the Volume Control on the Global layer and each Graphic Layer. By default on Hog4 the Audio Control channel is set to “ Enable Audio Mute On”, and the Volume is set to 100%. To disable mute choose the graphic layer which you want to listen to, please press “Enable Audio Mute Off” and adjust the volume parameter to 100%

Audio information is logically contained on layers, meaning that multiple audio streams can be output at once. Cross-fading between audio layers is fundamentally the same as cross fading between video layers. Be aware, if using video content containing audio while using a collage, it is best to choose one file to output audio, not multiple sources of audio.

Audio is disabled internally any time the play speed parameter is adjusted.

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