Axon HD Pro - Content Prep

Content for the Axon HD and the HD Pro is built in a similar manner to the older Axon systems.

To simplify the process, please use our encoding templates that are on the support site.

Although the Axon HD series supports more containers and codecs. For best performance we strongly suggest using Mpeg-2, containing all I-frames.

This forum thread will be used to document Content prep questions / issues and suggestions. Please use this thread for content to be prepped for the Axon HD Pro.
  • Where are the templates? Can't find anything under the support tabs of Axon HD or HD Pro. Found the old Axon support link at the bottom of the page, are we still to use those?

    Or instead: What are reasonable data rates to expect the Axon HD, Axon HD Pro, or DLHD to be able to play back? Are we still stuck with 25000 kbps as an upper limit? Really only playing 2 files at a time.
  • Hi,

    Data rates can be higher, the SSD's in the servers are much faster. I've seen content at 75000 kbps play fine. There will be a trade off at a certain point, higher data rate on the movies = less movies able to be played.

    here is some info

    The graphics engine was developed against MPEG2 standard to be the primary file type. MPEG2 has a long and stable history. It is a well understood and supported format across the video industry. The compression template is configured to use video only portion of the MPEG2 scheme. The .m2v file represents this video only portion. It is strongly advised to use .m2v files.
    Some encoding software will not have all listed options.
    Frame Size and Frame Rate
    Image Size: (will vary, match output resolution)
    Aspect Ratio (will vary, match output resolution)

    Frame Rate: 24fps, 29.97fps, 30fps
    Compression Scheme: – MPEG2
    File Type: .m2v
    Bit Rate and Compression
    Bit Rate Encoding – VBR, 1 Pass.
    (Single Rate and Multi-Pass can be used, this could adversely impact render time)
    Min: 10 Mbits / sec
    Max: 25 Mbits / sec (Higher can be used, but will affect performance at a certain point)
    Target: 25 Mbits / sec
    GOP (Group of Pictures)
    M-Frames – (1)
    N-Frames – (1)
    Closed GOP every – (1)
    M, N, I and P frame settings – the goal is to tell the encoder that ONLY I-Frames should be produced. I-Frames contain ‘all’ frame data, and not interpolation between of I-Frames. M and N frames tell the encoder how many frames to wait to produce a new I-Frame. Setting this to ‘1’ tells the encoder to produce an I-Frame after every frame.
    Other Settings
    Maximum Quality – “ON”
    Frame Blending – “ON” (this is important if original content does not match in target frame rate)
    Advanced Settings
    Certain encoders allow modifications to the algorithm that is determining compression details. Generally speaking, default values have been shown to work well with a wide range of content. Modifications to these settings should not be made unless a very specific problem is trying to be solved, please contact the encoding software provider for detailed information surrounding algorithm modifications.

  • Does the AxonHD have the ability to reencode to M2V yet? or any format that it 'likes'?
  • I've posted an encoding template for Adobe Media Encoder CC (2015) on the Axon HD/HDP page - this is another encoding option.

    in-built encoder is already on the long list of features requested...

  • Where can I find the Adobe Media Encoder template? I have clicked through and can not find it.

    Lou Glab