AXON HD Pro doesn`t launch after update

Hi all.

After upgrading to software version from website (Axon HD Pro 1.0.5 with build the AXON`s CMA doesn't start, showing a window "No graphics outputs detected. Application will now exit". After that the CMA screen is blank and nothing goes on. I have tried to connect from 1 to 3 monitors via DisplayPort to DVI adapters, but no change..... Should I roll back to old software? If yes- where to find a link?
  • Did you upgrade via a USB restore stick - or via a CMA ? the two methods are very different, the USB restore stick replaces the entire c: drive, versus the CMA only replaces the graphics engine software.

    that message pops up when the graphic engine does not detect anything connected to the main graphics card (ie. full size Display Port connectors)

    I would try the USB restore stick method again, this time be sure that at least 1 monitor is connected during the whole time. this will ensure that when Windows starts up and get all the hardware running, the main graphics card will be seen and used. ..and then if the problem still there, we'll have to keep digging for the solution.