An App to run Axon media server without console directly on the server

Most of media servers such as Martin Maxedia, Green Hypo etc ... have a built in app to operate the media server without the need of connecting a DMX console..

My first question, is there any app that could be installed on Axon PC ? if not

the 2nd question would be, is there any application that could be used maybe on a separate computer , including CITP that is compatible that would be similer to Resolume arena ?

  • Hi Georges,

    You've highlighted the exact need of a local UI for the Axon HD servers. This is an ongoing project, (which you've commented elsewhere you've seen an early Beta) we hope to have a more full featured software release out shortly.

    re: other software - Axon HD Servers cannot run other software - we have specifically limited that operation to ensure the best stability for the DMX driven server.