Catalyst 4.1 Problem

I am having problems with the outputs of the videos. If I run a continuous content file through Catalyst it will skip. If I simply play the file through Quicktime it plays flawlessly. If you could help me out this would be great. I am running two Mac G5 one primary and the other backup. Both machines do the same thing.

  • James,

    My understanding is that you need to have the content located on a SCSI drive in the G5 so that it has the access speed needed to keep up with playing back the content.

    The one I have used had two hard drives. One was a SCSI and we keep only the content on that one. Programs are on the other one.

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  • possible other area that might be an issue, i found that if i had over half the SCSI drive filled with content, i had problems with playback being smoothed. I made sure my Content HD - SCSI only had half of what the capacity of the SCSI could hold with content. One other way I found smooth running, to have all my content on an external Lacie HD that I fed to the Catalyst manchine via FW400. Better if you ran FW800, but my shows ran smooth with FW400. It did not matter if i ran over the half way point on my Lacie HD. 500 GB HD ran fine for a 3 month summer tour.