8 Library folders in Version4

Can someone explain why there are 8 library folders?
Why would you want to use more than 1 library folder?
How do you erase/delete library folders?
What is the best use of these 8 libarary folders?
Thank you

Mike Starobin
  • The Libraries were split by the type of media and/or content supplier. You would want to use more than one library for a two reasons.

    -Indexing Limitations. You can only have 255 pieces of content in each folder that you will be able to recall.

    -Organization. Depending on the type of show and how content is selected it makes it easier to break up content into different folders. If I am doing a rock show, I might have content pre-selected for each song and thus break it up by folder. If I'm doing a theater show, I might break up content into a folder for each scene. If I'm going to punt a show, I might have fast background, slow backgrounds, beam effects, band logos, green based content, red based content, etc... all broken into different folders.

    You do not have to use all 8 of these folders, but figure out how you need to navigate through your content and structure it to fit your needs.

    Hope that helps.

  • After looking at your question again, I realize you are talking about Storage Folders... Not content folders...

    This is is you have content stored in different locations, like a external hard drive, SCSI drive, SAN network drive, etc... By having content being stored on different hardware storage locations, you are not putting a huge strain on a single hard drive, thus getting more through-put if your bus can handle it.
  • Andrew, thanks for the reply. It was about "8 Storage libraries".
    I thought that all content had to be on the same Hardrive.
    So can I point a storage library to a thumbdrive or fire wire drive?

    Mike Starobin
  • Yep... Make sure to have them connected when you start-up catalyst as it does a "library scan" during start-up.