Feature Request Net3 Concert and Mark II Gateways-

I was recently commissioning a site, and wanted to name the individual ports on several 4 port rack mount gateways,  to identify which motorized hoists that the ports were feeding.

In the older Mark I gateways, you could sort of fake it by making the name of the gateway the ID's you wished to name the ports, with minimal characters per port and a set number of spaces between them.   This would show up on the small 2 line LCD display, allowing for some ID of what the ports were doing. 

There is no ability to identify the ports individually on the new Mark II gateways in any fashion. 
I would  request that there be an additional property on the port that allows for a port name that would show up in the Setup>Ports display, and the About>Ports display of the Mark II Gateway. This isn't an issue on the one port gateways but would be useful on the 2 port and 4 port gateways, especially in the rack mount and DIN rail setups. 


Dennis WItte

Holzmueller Productions

San Francisco