Conductor wont update


I am having troubles updating the firmware for the ETC conductor.

Updaterator doesn't even see the device, and if i try and download the latest software, it gets up to 99% complete and just sits there, it wont go any further.

I have also tried updating the conductor, direct from its web interface but still no luck.

Any ideas? 

  • Hi ,

    Which version are you currently running on your Conductor?

    If you are downloading the full image in UpdaterAtor, that file is rather large and we have seen some connections on slower internet speeds close before the download is completed. The only trick there is to keep trying or find a faster internet connection.

    If you find you still cannot download the file, you can contact your closest ETC Technical Services and request that we send you a USB Image Kit (4266K1010).

  • Version on the conductor is

    my internet connection seems pretty good. I have to give it a go from home.

  • Ah. That would explain why the update on the web interface didn't work. There is a known issue in that version of software.

    I would recommend that you do indeed reimage your Conductor to update. If your download at home is not successful, please contact your closest ETC Technical Services and request the USB image kit.

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