How to copy one gateway config to another

Hi all,

so we are just getting started to work with response Mk2 DMX Gateways and I got a question regarding in case one of the devices fails. 
Atm we got 9 Gateways in use and one in spare. I configured them using Concert, which worked well. 
Now I’m asking myself how to optimize the workflow in case one of the gateways fails and I have to switch to the spare one. The problem is, every Gateway has it’s individual Port-configuration and I’m searching for a function for copying all the port-information to the spare Gateway. I tried with unlinking the "damaged“ device and linking the spare one in concert, but that didn’t seem to work. 
So, is there an easy way, so that also an inexperienced colleague of mine can do this in case there’s not much time before a show for example?

best regards!