Feature Requests for Net3 Concert


Net3 Concert has been a big part of our workflow for all of our productions. I have a couple features that I think would really help our workflow:

- One reoccurring thing we have to do is go thru each universe (usually by spreadsheet tab) and change each instrument start address to not conflict with each other (we use a lot of nodes with a lot of universes). One automation feature that would help could be selecting all instruments in that universe/port and using a script that can take the DMX Footprint to automatically separate out the start addresses of all fixtures or simpler thing would be have the script ask the beginning start address and interval.

-  Another method we like to utilize is using the label for channel numbers, so we can patch quickly later. For that we use the Identifying and edit the label cells, but for identifying I usually have to right-click and select or right-click then click "i" for the hotkey. Is it possible to make the identify and stop identify a hotkey without right-clicking? Also, is there a way to edit a cell (like the label) without double-clicking?