Issues adding Osidian Netron EN4 into concert Worldview for setup

Trying to install a Osidian Netron EN4 gateway & Net3 / Concert is not finding the device. 

Back story. We have a ETC MK2 1-port portable gateway (Catwalk controlling 2 ML's) that had failed & was sent out for repair. We now have it back. But while it was out for repair. We purchased a Osidian Netron EN4 to fill in. We hired someone to install it. While installed on the CW it wasn't showing up as an icon in concert, but it was working. All of the other gateways had IP addresses like with the last Digit the variable. For the EN4 it's IP address was I'm not sure what his setup was but the DMX controlled fixtures on the gateway were on Universe 2 along with other fixtures on another gateway were also on Universe 2. Once I removed the EN4 to put the repaired MK2 back in place it was determined we needed to update the Net3/Concert software to the later version. When this was done concert was able to see the repaired & software updated MK2 again & all was well on the Catwalk. One other thing that showed up in Concert was a 4-Port Icon title I/O Card Which I do not know what that is. The EN4 was not install at the time this happened. 

I then wanted to setup the EN4 on the stage using a different Ethercon port. But have been unsuccessful in having Concert detect the gateway.  

One thing I'm planning to try next is reset the EN4 back to factory setting. Then see if Concert can find the device. 

Thanks for any input anyone can provide.


Sanford High School PAC

  • Hi  ,

    It is expected that the Obsidian EN nodes are not discovered nor configurable by Concert as it is not an ETC device and (according to their current documentation) does not implement RDMnet. You would want to use the web or local user interface to configure that device.

    The I/O card is your console's DMX Output card if you were running Concert on your console. This shows up to allow you to discover and configure RDM devices connected directly to the console.

  • Ok, correct me if I miss state anything. 

    1. A Gateway Node (Not ETC) Can be used it just won't show up in Concert?

    2. That any non-ETC Gateway, either needs to be set up via a laptop hooked into the network and by accessing the Gateway via the IP address for set up or via direct interface with the Gateway Front panel? 

    3. So even though we don't see the gateway in Concert it will still function as long as it as the correct network settings.

  • Yes. As long as it is an SACN gateway, it will integrate into the system and function. The downside of using different brands is that each has their own app or web interface for configuring vs ETC where all of their “modern” devices show up in Concert to configure (and update through Updaterator).

  • The person we hired to setup a replacement gate while the failed one was offline until we got it repaired. Suggested the Netron EN4. Not knowing it would not load into Concert. But I was able to get the gateway up & running using some new elation six bar 1000 lights. Thanks for your help.


    Sanford PAC