Console Conflicts

Hi Guys,

At one of our locations, the entire campus is on the same network. (I do not know why it was designed this way, it was before my time) 

There are 3 spaces that are used, Along with a lobby space, All of the spaces use ETC Mosaic as the main architectural system. And one of the spaces runs soley off of Mosaic. In the other spaces the consoles used are Congo JR's Running Cobalt V8. 

The issue that has been happening on the regular is, while one of the spaces will boot up fine and will gain control of its respective fixtures. But the problem comes when the second room boots up, what will end up happening is that the console that is booted up first will lose control of its room (usually causing a blackout). I did check to make sure that neither of the consoles have a Higher Priority over the other, along with making sure there are no IP conflicts. Past this I can not think of what else would be causing the issue. 

There have also been instances that the Mosaic system in the 3rd space will sometimes also lose control, and the only way ive been able to rectify this is to take the nodes in the 3rd space offline, then back online. 

I should mention that every room has its own switch, Mosaic brain , and Net3 nodes. so they could in theory be physically separated. But just for the sake of curiosity I am seeing if there is anything else that can be done... My networking knowledge needs expanding, so even just a reason as to why this would be happening would be amazing. 


  • There could be a number of things at play here which is causing the issue and it would depend on how the system is plugged up and configured.

    Can you tell me what device is outputting the DMX to the fixtures?
    What universes do you use in each space?
    Do you have the mosaic configuration or can you download it from the Controllers web interface?

    Depending on if you need the space linked then disconnecting them from each other might be the best solution but if the Mosaic Controllers were configured as one system it would stop them from working.