colorsource thrupower dimmers

I have just installed 2 additional 24 way colorsource thrupower units one of which is only working for channels 1-12 and not for 13-24.  I am using the builtin test facility set to all 24 channels at 100% and the first 12 show 240 volts on the outputs, the other half shows nothing.   There is power to all the input mcbs and rcds. 

Is there a fuse or similar that might account for this behaviour?  I can see two tiny fuses on the pcb near to the 3 phase mains input connections but am reluctant to play as the units are  clearly under warranty.

Rob Thirlby, Leicester Little Theatre.

  • Hi Rob,

    I'd definitely suggest giving ETC Ltd a call - 020 8896 1000 - and they'll be able to step through some things with you.

    There's a couple of things you could check. If you have power to the MCBs ok it might be a control problem. With power off check the ribbon cables on the right hand side of the rack - the gray ribbon cable carries the control signals to the dimmers from the controller, so if one of those is unplugged/broken that could do it.

    Also check the controller knows it's a 24 way. You should see a bargraph of 24 levels on the front screen. If you only see 12, it may be that the controller is set to a 12 way, which is controlled by the DIP switches on the back.

  • All fixed.  Stupid and embarrassing error by ourselves.  Brilliant support response form ETC tech support though.