I can't change the settings of a Mk2 DMX gateway with Net3 Concert or GCE

I installed the latest version of the Net3 Concert and updatorator.

The upodatorator askes me the latest version or wants to downgrade. I ratrher would upgrade the console with the version 11.1.1 of the Mk2 DMX gateway.

Thanks for the help.


  • Hi Ward,

    The Mk2 DMX gateways have only had one version of software so far - v1.1.1 - so you shouldn't need to upgrade or downgrade them.

    You can't configure Mk2 DMX gateways with GCE - you need to use Concert.

    Does the gateway show up in Concert? Can you confirm what version of Concert you are running?

    If you're short of time of course you can configure most settings from the front UI of the Mk2 gateway.


  • The gateway's show up in concert but Concert doesn't retrieve any data from them.
    Concert version = v4.
    I can see and changes the settings of an older four port gateway.

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