Response Mk2 Four-Port Gateway Issues

Hi i just had a new LED lighting installation at my venue i also got a Response Mk2 Four-Port Gateway and Ion XE, no power supply came with the gateway unit and apparently the ion xe doesn't support POE. just wondering if anyone would know the cheapest way to power this ? and if its normal not to receive a power supply when spending a few £££ on this device ?

  • according to the datasheet the power supply is an accessory with the order code PS-INTL.

    if it's just that one gateway a power supply is probably cheapest, but if you think there are additional ones in your future a POE switch would be a wise investment.

  • Hi Richard,

    We stopped providing PSUs with the units a few years back because we discovered that most people were using Power-over-ethernet, so it was a lot of PSUs that were really just being thrown away.

    You can order a PSU from ETC as Ueli mentions below, or any PSU with the following spec should work:

    • 12-24V DC
    • 2.5mm ID / 5.5mm OD barrel connector
    • 9.5mm length barrel connector
    • Center pin positive
    • Optionally, locking ring
    • Capable of supplying at least 7 watts