DMX Output

Hello! For the musical at my school, we attempted to connect some lights onstage to our board. I patched them in properly and connected them to our DMX output backstage (we have 2). For some reason, we had control of none of our lights. I decided to test if it was the patch that was the problem, so I ran a hundred-foot DMX cable from our Element 2 to the lights. All the lights worked perfectly. Does anyone know why both of our outputs may not be working? Is it possible the problem is with our DMX splitter? We have the Pathway eDIN system. The funny thing, though, is that the output has been working for the church that uses our school's auditorium but not for us. Another strange thing is that the other lights connected into our splitter work. We have 30 lights installed in the ceiling that are connected to the DMX splitter that work perfectly. It is simply our 2 outputs that have been giving us trouble. We would really appreciate it if anyone knows a solution and could share it. Thanks!


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