Dmx gateway vs respons mk2 gateway - differences


i'm diving into gateway stuff. And i can't figure out whats the diffences between a dmx gateway and a response mk2 gateway are.

Since these are 2 different products... they do the same thing in my eyes.

Any help and enlightenment is appreciated.

Thank you in advance


  • Thilda,

    They are the same thing - the Response Mk2 is the latest version of ETC's DMX gateway (with additional user interface features) but its main function is still to input DMX to, or output DMX from, a lighting network.

    With the Mk2 you can configure the DMX settings at the gateway without using a computer. Older gateways needed a computer and configuration software to change settings.

    Does that help?


  • There is also a Rumor that the Mk2 Gateways are "RDMNet Ready" Which is the upcoming standard in development for an sACN addition to include RDM.

    This would allow the newer Gateways to broadcast RDM data to other consoles and programs that wouldn't require the Special additions to ACN that ETC included to use the current versions.