NET3 Concert not working

my net3 Concert is not allowing me to update my dimmers, the world view is looking like the attached image. 

I'm not able to sync the gateways when I change any settings, can any one help me figure out why this is happening to me, I'm confused. i'm using Net3 Concert 3.9.1

  • there are currently two "most recent" concert versions. if you're on Windows XP it's, for Win7 and up it's i don't think there ever was a 3.9.1. so maybe try downloading and installing the new version.

    the other problem is that your screenshot shows that none of the networking gear is responding to concert. you can see that because of the big X's in all the symbols. are you connected to the network? is your IP in the same subnet as the rest?

  • I’ll try updating it, I just had the board upgraded and it’s now using win7 and was using XP. So the problem might be that version 3.1 is still loading and not recognizing this configuration. Thank you I’ll try the upgrade