Elation E-node 4 not outputing DMX

Elation e-node art-net issues on Nomad. I have a 4 port e-node that I can't get working. I'm in the 10.101.0.xxx range on my nomad and the e-node but it won't output DMX. Activity light is clicking away. I switched over to acn and it works but the lights flicker. So no go on that. Any clue?

Elation tells me I need to send it in and get the firmware updated. Is it worth it to do this or should I dump it and get a node that will work out of box? 

  • If the flicker is regularly every 1 second it is a firmware problem of the node. The node does not handle the DD start code (priority by channel) correctly.

  • The flicker on sACN is a bug in the Elation software that we have heard about, yes, caused by per-channel priority data from Eos.

    Art-net should work though. There are a few different options for Artnet in the shell, in particular you might need to experiment with directed versus limited broadcast, I don't know what the Elation nodes look for