connect eos to a vpn

Hi all, I'm so darn stuck. I want to previs a show i would have been doing in capture. I want my programmer, who is in Wales (i'm in london) to be able to control my capture, or at least be able to mirror his version of nomad on my pc. So, the plan is to output SACN through an SSL vpn, essentially putting our computers on the same virtual network so he can send me sacn data.

so far the vpn works fine and we can easily ping each others computers- we're connected! but eos won't recognise the VPN at all.

things i've tried:

  • adjusting the ipv4 hierarchy so the vpn is at the top and everything else is beneath

  • portforwarding the vpn to my wifi ip

  • using a virtual ethernet port in virtualbox to connect to eos (it connects just fine) and then portforwarding the VPN to that.

is there any way to force eos to accept my network? obviously i can't just turn off the networks bc the vpn will just disconnect.

Any help/insight is appreciated! please note while i appreciate the suggestion, I'm fully aware we could just screenshare. I KNOW. and that's a solid plan b, but at this point i just want this to work!