Replacing Router in Rack

Our networking rack for our ETCNet distribution went dead about a month ago.  Fortunately, we had a backup in stock.  The unit we replaced is no longer manufactured, so we are looking at a replacement.  This is the unit we are thinking of purchasing:

It seems to tick all the boxes for needed protocols, including Power over Ethernet.  Would someone be willing to look at the stats of this unit and make sure it would work for our ETCNet system?  

Thank you!

  • i can't help, but three things:

    - the Linksys SE3024 doesn't seem to be a PoE switch
    - you should post what model the previous switch was
    - ETCNet2 or ETCNet3?

    those additional information should help someone else help you.

  • Some more parameter are needed for making decision
    - how many ports?
    - which type of uplink port, copper or optical, 1Gbit or 10Gbit
    - POE or POE+
    - fanless?