Getting started with Net3 Concert

Hello.  I've recently gotten a PC laptop (Windows 10) which I am using for my Nomad & Gadget2. I have also added an ETC Net3 ACN Gateway at times to expand the system.  But with no GCE in the shell, I'm trying to use Concert 4.1 for configuring the outputs.  What I'm seeing is that the Gateway works as set up, outputting DMX, but Concert doesn't seem to "see" the device.  I remapped for "World View" and all it maps is my Nomad.  I assume this is an IP address/sub-mask issue of sorts, so looking for guidance rather than indiscriminately changing settings.


  • Check the selected network interface in Net3 Concert's settings.

  • Hi.  I'm not sure where to find that.  But in looking, I did find the "unreachable devices wizard."  That found the gateway, but is suggesting an IP address to change it to.  But it's a rental item, so it seems I shouldn't readdress it.  But that may be my next step...  thoughts?  Should my Nomad be operating with DHCP active?

  • If Concert is offering to re-address the device that is because it is outside of the subnet that Concert current lives in. Your options are to re-address your laptop, or alternatively re-address the gateway. I wouldn't have any issues addressing a rental gateway personally, they should be able to reinstate that on its return.

    The DHCP server is only available on consoles, so your best option to to choose the IP address Concert is suggesting.

    Hope that's a help.

  • Still looking for advice on this.  I was hopeful the "Begin Work" tab might be helpful, but that still requires that Concert see the device.  I've reassigned the IP address using the Undiscovered Devices Wizard, but that wasn't the answer either.

  • If you would please launch Concert, wait about 30 seconds and then post a screen shot that will help us to see what it happening.