How to change sACN on a 4 port gateway??

HI all.

I've got a Congo Sr. with Cobalt V7.3.1 so it's limited at 1024 outputs but supposedly I can use other universes than 1 and 2 if I use less than 1024 outputs. I've got a Net3 ACN 4 port gateway,but only with 2 gateway modules. At this moment I need to change the first module to sACN output 3 and I try to use the the ETC Net3 Concert but it doesn't recognizes the gateway and when I press the button on the gateway I can't do nothing.

So how can I change the output on the gateway to sACN 3??

Pedro Alves

  • you will need to use Net3 Concert for this. it's easiest if your Concert computer and the gateway are in the same subnet.

  • Hi Pedro,

    What are the IP addresses for the Gateway and for your lighting system?  Do you have DHCP enabled somewhere in your network?

    There is a function in Concert to "Discover unreachable devices".  This allows Concert to look for a Gateway on the network that doesn't have a valid IP or Subnet so that you can change it.  I think this is what your problem is.

    The third output on the Gateway should already be Universe 3 if it is in default settings.  The universes that are programmed will show on the front LCD.  If the universe number is flashing, there is no sACN data on the network for that universe.  There needs to be at least one output for Universe 3 patched to a channel to turn the sACN transmission on.  It needs to be patched not parked or brought up in the Output screen.

    Also, in the shell settings tab, you need to make sure that sACN output is turned on.  Also, in the network tab (?), you have to make sure that console universe 3 is patched to sACN universe 3.

    Sorry for some of the vagueness, but I am not at a console right now, and it has been awhile since I configured v7.3.1.

    If the problem is somewhere else, let us know more info.

    Take care,


  • Hi all. ry

    First thanks for your quick reply.

    About  IP adress the console is, the gateway is at and the PC is at

    I'm trying to use the "discovery unreachable devices" but until now only the Concert 3 and console appear on the browser of the Net 3 Concert software.

    I use a crossover cable, again today, and finally I change the first output of the gateway to universe 3. Do you have ideas how to put this to work without a crossover cable.

    Again many thanks for your reply and after this moment I've got 3 weeks to try anything

    Pedro Alves

  • I think the problem might exist within your network.  Are you using a dedicated network or is it part of a larger managed network?

    Because you could connect using the X-over cable, it isn't software or version incompatibilities.  The Gateway is getting the sACN data, so the hardware side of the network is working fine.

    Can you ping the Gateway from the PC?  Can you ping the Gateway from the console (shell settings/Network)?

    I use Concert on my network all the time to change Gateways.

     or @lowel , do you guys have any ideas?

    Take care,


  • John's questions are good ones. If a crossover cable directly to the unit works, then I would definitely suspect the network infrastructure.
    Are your switches managed switches?
    Is it possible they are blocking some types of traffic?
    Does the issue continue if you reboot the network switches?