Connecting Chauvet DJ DMX-AN2 to Nomad

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me from pulling any more hair out...

I've got Nomad running with a key, and as the Gadgets haven't been available due to supply issues I bought a Chauvet DJ DMX-AN2 node. 

I have connected the node directly (also tried through a router and network switch) and I have set up all the required IP Addresses. I can ping the node from CMD on my computer, and the IP Address settings reflect correctly in the EOS software. In the patch window, sACN interface is selected for those channels, and the sACN output viewer shows the output working. 

The light, which I know works, and I've tried multiple lights, acts like there's no DMX cable plugged into it. 

Is there something I'm missing here? All of the above stuff related to networking and pings and a lot of the deep workings of Nomad I am fairly new to. It took me like 4 days of desperation trying to connect to the node before I tried a factory reset and then it worked. Rage

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • We have three DMX-AN2's and use them with a ColorSource 40 AV, Nomad on Mac, and a Nomad Puck - all work.

    For sACN make sure to change the Universes to "1" and "2" (or whatever Universes you are using).  It comes preconfigured with "Universe 0" which applies to the ArtNet quirk below (not to sACN). 

    There is a quirk with ArtNet on the DMX-AN2, you always need to configure it real Universe # minus 1.  ie ArtNet "Universe 0" configured on the DMX-AN2 is really Universe 1, and "Universe 1" is really Universe 2, etc, etc...

    Config on DMX-AN2