Chauvet DJ- DMX-AN2 nomad setup

I have set up the DMX-AN2 setup and can successfully ping the DMX-AN2 from the nomad software. SACn is checked correctly- IP address on the computer is in 1 number of the node, the subnet is the same. It can ping successfully. RDM is off. The dongle works..... I still cannot control the lights.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance

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  • OK, so configuring the software to output ArtNet is a bit different to the above question which is about sACN - a different control protocol. Broadly what you need to do is go into the eos shell and enable artnet; you may need to do some specific configuration for your network adapter since ArtNet requires a specific IP address range. If you search for ArtNet in the Eos family forumI think you'll find some helpful answers