SMPTE 424M hitching a ride on Net3

This is not a networking question, but a "Can I use the Net3 lines from the catwalk to the arena floor?" question. 

My workspace is an arena that does not have an open network for additional equipment. The only dry-lines on the catwalk are single mode fiber lines which fall under the jurisdiction of the video contractor. The lighting network resides on the catwalk.

I need spy cam, and I am personally paying for the solution.

I'm considering a Marshall CV503 with MuxLab 500701 SDI to Cat5e converters and utilizing the Net3 network switches or a Net3 port to transfer the video signal down to my workstations on the arena floor.

I need a low-latency and inexpensive solution that won't corrupt the lighting system.

I appreciate ideas for solving this problem which doesn't include the video department as they are a completely separate entity. Prior to 2018, the facility purchased an IP camera which only works on Windows machines with Microsoft Explorer. This camera is now unresponsive.

  • The MuxLab devices that you are thinking about using are baluns - they convert the viseo signal from coax to travel over twisted pair cable. If you want to use the lighting network for video transmission (as opposed to just using the installed lighting network cables), then you will need a video to IP solution.

    Your choice of video to IP device will determine how well they play with the lighting network. It's not possible to give a good answer without some idea of your lighting network infrastructure (brand of switches, etc.)

    Hope that helps-

  • Yes, I do want to use the installed lighting network cables. I have no other way of transporting signal from a spycam on the catwalk to the monitors on the arena floor.

  • In that case, you will need to identify which cables run from the catwalk to the arena floor. If they pass through a network switch, you will need to bypass the switch with patch cables so that you have an electrically continuous, isolated path from start to end. This will remove the cable from the lighting network and enable you to use the baluns. Video signal should be fine as long as you keep within the distance limits of the baluns.

    To repeat - using the baluns is not using the lighting network and has nothing to do with Net3 or Ethernet or network switches. It is only using the installed cable to transmit video.

  • Thank you, T Drga. I'm need to share the same Net3 line(s) with the Paradigm remote and/or the Ion and the camera. 

    I was also considering a PTZOptics PTVL-Z with an ethernet port, and using an app.

    Or, I wondering if I needed an AJA HB-T-SDI converter.

  • I am the L1 in the facility. I don't have a separate board op.

    I sit backstage with the Ion and Paradigm remote, utilizing Net3 ports near power vaults.

    Last year, I asked the video department for a video feed from their Marshall spycam via their broadcast fiber rack on the catwalk. They can facilitate, unless the end client needs all the outputs from the fiber receiver. Then, my feed is the first to go. Now, more often that not, they cannot facilitate my need.

    I'm looking to be self-sufficient. I'm tired of asking the Marshall spycam feed, and more often than not, being out-of-luck.

  • I think the PTZ optics camera would work as a source, since it has a video over IP output. The AJA converter will not work on the network.

    Without more information about your network infrastructure, it's had to tell if the video stream would disrupt the lighting network. A lot depends on things like what type/speed your network switches are and how they are configured.