NET3 4 Port Question


Recently, our router that was connected to our NET3 4 Port Gateway died and thus our lighting board (ETC ION) stopped working with our lights.  So we got our IT guy to come in and change the router and put in the new static IP into the gateway.

However, now when we plug in the ethernet cable into the gateway, some of our LED moving lights (Vello XP600's)  blink randomly or scroll through colors.  I still have control of the movement function of those lights, but lose color control and shutter control.  It's the weirdest thing. 

When the ethernet cable isn't plugged into the gateway, these same led lights work just fine when the light board is off and we turn them on through seperate faders that are downstairs, so we can use those lights during meetings without having to have someone run up to our control booth and turn on the lightboard to run them.  (hope that makes sense).

I tried re-patching the lights to see if that would do anything, but that did nothing.

Also, I noticed on our splitter racks, the status lights are blinking green on a majority of the dmx splitters instead of normally being solid green.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do.   I'm not sure what went wrong.  Any advice or tips would be welcome.