APEX10 - sACN on 10Gb-network


Has anyone tried running sACN on 10Gb fiber? We are testing, but it usually works. After a while it wouldn´t send sACN on the fiber when we start up the consolles. What we need to do is go into "Settings" under "network" uncheck sACN on SFP+ and click it again and open the EOS software. Then it works couple of times before we need to go and uncechek sACN and mark it again. Enoying. ;)

I still use coppercable for multiview, fileserver, remote and just activate sACN on my SFP+ port and remove all other protocoll and stuff for my fiber. Every time I start up the consolles it work (nor for my collegues in weekends), so I can´t look with any sACN-viewer whats happend on the fiber-port an outgoing sACN. Both ports has diffrent IP-series for now until we had a stable sACN, so I can change IP on my SFP+ for the remote.

I don´t know if I am the first trying to run sACN over 10G on a Apex-consolles, thats why I ask the question. ;)

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