Setting up aRFR with a Router and Access Point and No Internet connection

Hi, I've already successfully built a network using an Ion Classic and a nomad both hooked to a switch (4 port PoE), the switch goes to a router (Netgear Nighthawk RAX10). I can access the router for configuration in a web browser and as a user to run either console remotely to control EOS with aRFR. Peachy! But...

Problem is the range on the router is not quite far enough for all the corners of my venue, so I've also bought a Netgear Insight (WAX620) Access Point which has amplified radio range and runs on PoE. The documentation for RFR networking shows scenarios for either a router OR an access point, but not both. So the problem I'm running into is that my AP is resisting being setup as an offline device. I've tested it at home and it works like a charm when set to DHCP and given an unfettered internet connection. But my venue is part of a school with heavy internet restrictions in place by IT, and I cannot have my lighting network on the internet regardless. Also my network is all setup with static IP's. I've tried setting the AP's IP to, with the router as, and plugged into one of the network ports (1-4, not WAN) on the router, the wan port connects to the switch. The Ion's IP is, the nomad is The app can see the nomad and the Ion from the router, but not from the AP. Also I can't login to the AP setup when not online.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular scenario and/or this AP model for a lighting network? Should I use DHCP or static or a combo? I fear that I may have just bought the wrong AP for this situation. But I'd like to be sure before I bother returning it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!