AIP & Concert beginner - Visiting company patch

Hi All 

I am still getting to grips with AIP & Concert for bigger productions. 

I would love a guide to see how to set up for visiting companies for both providing universe alternative and Aip's - if anyone has a recommend link let me know. 

But today I was setting up AIP for visiting company and they were using avolties desk - I gave them our HL (Universe 21/1 & 21/2) on ch 500 and nondims for LED's on ch 600. 

But our LEDS are on universe 10 and I had patch them to AIP on channel 1 to 6. 

He had our house lights and Non dims but struggled to get LED's ? 

Is this something I have done or overlooked in patching ? - he did mention that avolites bumps addresses but said he resolved that.

How can I avoid this in future?