SACN priority - Am I missing something?


Having abit of a dumb moment I feel with priority of desks / unison. 

The current system we have in place features the following as shown on the about page: 

Gio@5 - Priority - SACN 100  (Running as Primary)

Apex Processor - Priority - SACN 101 (Running as back up, Backup takes over at higher priority is not enabled but backup automatically takes control is)

Unison Paradigm - Priority - SACN 100

With the above, I would like the unison paradigm to have the highest priority due to dealing with the house lights and being integrated with the fire alarm system, as upon activation the HL's will automatically go to full.

When going into the shell and networking, Priority is set to 99 on both the Gio and Apex Processor. I've been asked to make the Gio and Processor to have the Priority SACN of 99 with the unison having top priority of 100, which I feel I have already done, however is still displayed as the same Priority levels as above. This leads me to ask what does the Priority SACN reference in the about page on Eos, and how do I go about changing this? Does eos automatically assign the console booting up in backup to have a higher priority than the primary? and if so is there a way to disable this?

I feel like the answer should be something very simple and I'm just overlooking something. I did have a browse through the forums but couldn't find anything similar that referenced my questions.

Cheers All for any input!


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