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Response 4Port Node, send DMX but not RDM

I have some Response 4PortNodes.
One of them give me now trouble.
At Port 3 i get a DMX signal, but not a RDM.
Yes, yes, RDM is switch on in the Node, in Console, everywhere...

And sometimes this Node also "struggle" with the DMX Signal.
So my machines looks like they get a "bad signal" looks like a broken cable.

Makes me wonder that DMX works but RDM not.
Normal i can work with DMX -only DMX not RDM- out o this Port normal, like nothing is happen.
Have anybody an idea?

  • Which RDM information you want to receive? There should be only one RDM master unit in the system, that is normally your console.
    For trouble with DMX input you can try to change the DMX output rate of the sending unit, maybe try to change the cable. 

  • All the information the Lamp send back to me.
    In Concert normal i see where is wich lamp connect to.
    Means a PopUp show me, at what Node is my lamp connect, what port,...
    Like the example pic.


    But in my case this PopUp not come, the is not "visible" in Concert.
    All lamps i connect to the broken port looks like the "Uhr" in this example.
    They work normal with DMX, means, i can controll them, program in my Console, strike lamp,...
    But Concert don`t see the lamp, my GIO say also, Sorry, not know this RDM Fixture.

    Cable and setting changes i have do all what i can do..
    The fault comes ever from same Port in this "special" Node.

    It is clear, i must send it to my locale Dealer for fix it.
    But, intereset is, how can i "lost" a the RDM option but the DMX option works normal?

    It is more a question of understanding then how fix it...

  • Maybe misunderstood, did you use Port 3 as Output or Input?

  • All Ports are use as Output.

    I call him now "Dead"...*GGG*

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