Mk2 Gateways not loading new configuration properly

The last two job's I've turned on I've had issues configuring MK2 Gateways.  I typically build my configs ahead of time, and then when I get to site push the config to the gateway. 

The last two jobs, I open my concert file, and see the gateways ready for configuration. 

I right click one of the gateways in my file, and click link to network device, pick my device, and click  link.

Concert asks if I want to keep the network device config, or the concert config and I click concert.

The gateway cycles, and then comes back to the same selection screen "Network device config or concert".  It hangs in this loop indefinitely until you click network device config.

During this process the gateway will have pulled all the information EXCEPT IP address changes, at this point I can usually assign the proper IP to the gateway and then send the config.  I'm pretty sure this happens even with the newest firmware (