Wish: A RDM-Identify Connector

My idea-wish:
Have XLR-5 Pin male Connector -similar same as a Terminator- but this Connector is an RDM Identifyer.
Means, he send an ID back in system.

I have often Non-RDM Devices and must create a DMX-RDM Network.
And also often it is not even clear, what Non-RDM Device is connect to what Connectionpoint/DMX-Line.
So, if i have an RDM Identifyer i can plug in at latest Device in this Line and see this Device/Line in my Concert.

For example, i have now some Compulite Whisper PSU in my System.
Non of this can handle RDM.
But i wanne know where is a DMX-RDM Connectpoint in use, where is some free connectionpoints.
If i add now a RDM-Device as "free-symbol" to Concert, i can`t use the "Connection" Option in Concert for create the red line between Device and RDM Plugpoint.
I must do this "free hand".
Thats often looks not so good...
If i have an RDM Identifyer in this line i can work with all options in concert fine.

All this Identifyer must can do is, say:
"Hey i am here, my ID is, please give me a name."

The Pic below shows a typical Networksystem for me
In case of emergency and i not at theater it can be difficult for others understand a system, find all connections.
An RDM Identifyer can help, make a Networksystem more clear.
But,...no supplier offers one.
Can ETC develop this product?