Losing connection to a MK2 DMX-Gateway from Concert

Hello you lovely fellas,
I have a strange behaviour with a MK2 DMX-Gateway.
Setup is TI main IonXe backup with four MK2 4Port Gateways.
On one I activated RDM for one port to have access to 24 channel ColorSource Dimmerpack via Concert (configure Dimmers/Switches).
Since then the Gateway constantly gets lost in the network. Means it´s not visible in Concert and in the AboutSystem-Screen on EOS as well (or shown as offline).
I can still ping it and it spits out DMX what is a good thing but why do I lose contact in Concert?
When I reboot it comes back for a while before it´s getting lost again.
I watch and played with it for two days now and turned RDM off again. Till then everything seems fine.
But what´s the matter? It´s ETC only, no third party RDM.
Firmware on all the Gateways is
EOS is 3.0
Concert is
ColorSource Dimmer is (DimEngine is; whatever that means) 
Could an update of the firmware help?
Everything is brand new and was installed as this within the last weeks. I do not know if the company that did the installation choose these firmware-versions for a reason or by accident.
I appreciate any help. For now I will live without RDM but would like to learn what´s going on.
Thanks everybody
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