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Housekeeping and General Forum Guidelines - Read Me!

Hello once again,

As we take this endeavor together into the wonderful world of Eos Family Software v.3.1.1 we would like to request the adherence to the following:

  1. Please be courteous to one another.
  2. Please, as the Group develops, make use of the search function at the top of the page.
  3. Please be sure to post the build number and hardware platform and/or OS when posting about issues.
  4. Please be descriptive - step by steps where useful - and include showfile/logs if it isn't easily reproducible.
  5. Please feel free to use this Upload Link to upload sensitive showfiles/logs or large files, but please remember to also post to the Forum and indicate you uploaded files.  These files will not be shared outside of the Eos Development Team.
  6. You may be contacted via email as needed by the Eos Development Team in the event a Beta Related issue needs further communication than what is possible on this Forum or via Private Message.
  7. Remember this is Beta Software and reverting to a previous build and/or released version may be required if a problem arises.
  8. Do not discuss this software Beta outside of this Open Beta Group - no social media or released Forum Posts.
  9. Do not share/distribute Beta Software to anyone.
  10. If you are working with others on a production that should have access/awareness of this Beta Software please have them join this Open Beta as well.
  11. Any borrowed/rented/hired/loaned consoles should be restored to released software when the console is no longer in use.
    1. Please reach out if this is an active production and you are leaving site.

I will do my best, along with assistance from the Development Team, to respond to each post within 24 hours.  If a post is languishing, or is urgent, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Thank you in advance for all the great effort in this Open Beta and making Eos all the better for everyone!

A brief run down of the Forum Structure:

The Announcements Forum is  for notifying you about new builds and any other important announcements that may arise.  Posts on this Forum can only be made by ETC personnel and should be subscribed to in order to maintain the most up to date information. 

Bug Reports and General Comments and Help Forums are for you to communicate with each other and with the Eos Development Team about your findings.

Feature Requests Ideation is the place for posting Feature Requests for evaluation by Eos Development Management.  This page will be formatted differently than you may be used to seeing, but allows for better transparency about the status of the request.  Feel free to explore the examples to get a feel for how this page works.

(Note: Some of the images below are from 3.1.0 Open Beta and the current 3.1.1 Open Beta Group may appear differently)

Each of these Forums/Ideations require separate unenrollment in the email subscriptions.  Our goal is to allow you greater control of what you receive email notifications about during this Open Beta Process.  As shown above on the right side of the screenshot, there is an "Email digest options" button.  You can chose to receive Daily or Weekly Digests of the Open Beta Group.  (I personally have not tested this option yet on this Group, but based on other Groups you will receive Links and a few lines of each post wrapped into Daily/Weekly email.)

With a recent Forum update you can now easily unsubscribe from a given Forum.  Navigate to each of the Forums and click "Turn Forum notifications off".  Another option to change your settings is to click "More" then "Manage Subscriptions".  Navigating to any of the Forums will provide a button for accessing the Subscriptions, as shown below:

This will take you to a landing page as shown below (your will vary based on past participation and subscription enrollment):

If you would like to subscribe to the Feature Requests Ideation Page, you will need to follow a different process.  Navigate to the page and click on the gear icon as shown below.  Then toggle the link to enable email notifications.  *Unlike the Forums, you must manually subscribe to receive notification for the Feature Request Ideation Page - you are not automatically enrolled.

Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the Eos 3.1 Open Beta as you desire!

Thank you and enjoy!

Seth Starr

Acceptance Test Specialist