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Eos Family v3.1.0 Build 197 is now available!

Hello folks,

Build 197 is now available.  This build brings many bug fixes and continued new feature development.

  • Custom Encoder Mapping - continued work
  • Eos Ti Encoder Category Buttons:
    • Custom is now Intensity
    • Intensity is now Focus
    • Custom is now a soft key
    • Support for both MIDI and SMPTE Gateways connected via USB on the same machine.
      • Please contact me if are able and willing to use/test this setup - there is new firmware for these Gateways.
  • Augment3d:
    • Omnidirectional light support - fixture types like Chandelier
    • Ambient light levels no longer affect fixture brightness
    • Materials Support:
      • New Stock Materials:
        • Colors
        • Masonry
        • Metal
        • Misc
        • Nature
        • Textiles
        • Tile and Marble
        • Wood
      • Additional packages available for download (Coming Soon, stay tuned for those links)
      • Methods for application of Materials:
        • Drag and Drop Materials with the new Materials Window - with preview before release you click
        • Select object in Hierarchy, then in the Inspector apply the Material
      • Ability to modify parameters of the Materials:
        • base color of material - Marble is fun to experiment with (have you ever seen Blue Marble Wink)
        • Metallic and Smoothness affect the appearance of the surface and how light will play off the surface
        • "Offset" allows for shifting of the image on the surface of the object - align the image so the checkerboard pattern lines up
        • Scale (will be changing to "Repeat") - defines how many instances of the material image will occur across the object
          • Scale X: 10 and Y: 10 would tile the image 10x10 times
          • Scale of "0.5" will take half of the image and stretch it across the object.

As always, please feel free to review the Build Report for a full list of changes in this build.

Build Report

PC-Consoles Link

Mac Link