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Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 215 is now available

Hello everyone,

As a reminder for TI users, the following Encoder Category Button changes are in effect:

  • Custom is now Intensity
  • Intensity is now Focus
  • Custom is now accessible on the Encoder Display
  • Custom Encoder Mapping should now show the correct User XX Setting 

Build 215 brings continued work and bug fixes.

PC-Console Link

Mac Link

Thanks, -MattP.

  • Hello everyone,

    As we continue to bring new features, new image/material content, and Windows updates to the installer we have noticed potential disk space issues on some hardware.  In an effort to alleviate this issue we have developed a "Reclaim Disk Space" Utility that will automatically run if the installer detects the console has less space available than needed for the installation to succeed.  However, we have discovered an issue with the Reclaim Disk Space utility in 

    The Utility will only appear if the installer detects there is not enough space to complete the installation of Eos on ETC hardware.  We ask that you click Cancel if the Eos installer prompts you with this window and then reach out to us on the Forum.