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Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 228 is Now Available

Hello folks,

Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 228 is now available for test.

This build brings a few key changes

  • Fader Paging work to improve paging between internal and external wings
  • Fader Mapping Snapshot cleanup
  • USB removal while saving crash fix

Fixture Library Update:

The latest Eos Beta Build includes a major update to the underlying architecture of our fixture library. We have worked for months to make the impact minimal, but there may still be issues with profiles that we have not discovered through internal testing. An example issue we have discovered: standard fixture profiles may appear to be multicell, with one or more parameter located in the cell of the profile.

Opening Existing Show Files: Since we store fixture profiles in a show file, loading an existing show file in this build will not affect your show. However, we urge extreme caution when updating fixture profiles in existing shows – there may be significant changes that affect playback. You should save your show file before doing any profile updates (as profile updates are not able to be undone), and you should spend time with the new profile(s) and your fixtures to ensure the fixture is controlled as expected.

Starting New Files / Adding New Fixtures: If you are adding a fixture to a show file, we suggest you take time to ensure the profile controls the fixture as expected, even if the fixture and profile are known to you from previous usage.

If you experience issues with a fixture profile, please report them to the Bug Report Forum in this Beta with the Subject being "New Fixture Profile Issue: <fixture xyz> has the following issue", so that we may address issues on a case-by-case basis.

Build Report

PC-Consoles Build

Mac Build