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Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 235 is Now Available

Hi folks,

Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 235 is now available for test.

This build brings the following changes:

EOS-52126 Encoders: UI Changes (button sizes and layouts)
EOS-52354 Display Brightness popup: 100% is not always at visual top of slider
EOS-52308 A3D cutout display the tab behind it when moving it to another frame.
EOS-52607 Eos acts like Clear is held if its used to clear the OSC TCP Server Ports Error: Out of Range.
EOS-52626 macOS is not displaying the degree symbol in LightWright Import Device mapping.
EOS-52619 Multiconsole multiple step Undo can result in too many actions undone
EOS-52624 Multiconsole Undo: Undo entries can disappear from the list.
EOS-52478 Nesting channels in Augment3d scene hierarchy causes substantial output lag
EOS-52605 Custom Encoder Mapping, Shutter Tool [A>D] button doesn't work.
EOS-52059 INSTALLER: Logging location inaccessible by SYSTEM context when Eos is deployed by organization IT groups
EOS-52616 Tether setting itself to 5fps
EOS-52095 ETC Response Gateway Support (SMPTE/MIDI/Serial) for Mac
A3D-1918   Large Models can have incorrect Materials applied to Subcomponents

***With A3D-1918, users who have worked on models brought in from 3.0.x may find Material mapping is incorrect.  If you encounter issues, you will need to revert to your 3.0.x model data and move forward from this build.

***Also in this build we have introduce some changes to Eos/Augment3d for PC Nomad Users.  You now have the ability to set scaling like Mac Users in the Options > Quality > Rendering menu.  Please explore these settings and report anything unexpected.

Build Report

Mac Link

PC-Consoles Link

Thank you,

Seth Starr

Acceptance Test Specialist