Augment3d Supplemental Materials Packages

Hi folks,

We are excited to announce that we have additional materials packages available for download.  After release these will be available on our website as well.

There are 51 folders/categories of materials available.  In the link below you will download a PDF with a link to One Drive similar to Eos application downloads.  Within that Link you fill find the following:

  • A folder of folders of each individual Material
  • A series of zip folders of each category of Materials
  • A complete Zip bundle of the "folderized" individual Materials

When downloading, if you would like all of the files, it is recommended that you just download the last option - the complete zip bundle.  If, however, you would like just a few Material bundles, feel free to grab those zips.  Due to the way OneDrive bundles the zips into a larger single zip for download you are limited to only a few at a time this way.  The folder of folders/categories is if you would like to grab single materials more easily.  Please note, as a reply to this post, the download "method" you used, this may help shape how the release webpage is structured.

In order to import these Materials into Augment3d (via Eos File > Import > Augment3d Scenic Materials) you must import one Material at a time.  This Material should still be a single zip file, for example: "".  At this time you can not import a folder of Materials or a zip of multiple Materials.

Navigate to the directory, double click / enter / select, a dialog will appear while importing and then a green confirmation dialog will appear as shown below:

In Augment3d Edit Mode, you will see in the Materials window the Imported Material: