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Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 267 now available

Hello folks,

Eos Family Software v3.1.0 Build 267 is Now Available for Test!

This build brings the following fixes and updates:

Issue key Summary
EOS-52751 Magic Sheets - editor may crash after any items are deleted
EOS-52724 Magic Sheets: background image with transparency un-inverts itself  after zooming
EOS-52729 Cannot learn Macro with FaderPageRelease
EOS-52491 On 4K displays A3D can be missing its bottom gold border. 
EOS-52371 3.1.0 version of the Eos onboard manual and help links
EOS-52515 Installer/Shell: Add Reclaim Disk Space functionality
A3D-1930 Animation Wheel {Home} softkey function is inconsistent in Augment3d.
A3D-1927 Can't apply never-used Stock materials to procedurally generated models from the Inspector dropdown

Build Report

PC-Consoles Link

Mac Link