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Eos Family Software v3.1.1 Build 97 is Now Available!

Howdy folks,

We are excited to announce build 97 is now available with the following changes:

EOS-53202 - Table Grid Orange Selection Lines Sometimes Persist
EOS-53164 -Patch: Updating fixture definition causes random levels in showfile on channels with pan/tilt swapped
EOS-53201 - Workspaces 2 and 3 - Single Frame Snapshots clear other frames when recalled
EOS-53210 - Copying one parameter to another in Cue blind, changes effects channel order
EOS-53189 - Performance: 3.1.0 and later channel display takes 40ms to paint when no data is changing
EOS-53190 - Crash on shutdown
EOS-53182 - Snapshots: Unassigned iconography change
EOS-53175 - Mac Icons need updating to current logo design
EOS-53176 - Single Monitor Snapshots - Thumbnails are garbled from older versions.
EOS-53168 - Workspace Editor - Thumbnail preview does not repaint properly
EOS-50749 - Console should automatically reconnect to its last tether if it is still online at launch
EOS-53151 - Augment3d channel highlight can malfunction while in Patch
A3D-1989 - Memory Leak while Augment3d is displayed causing crashes due to out of memory
A3D-1943 - Vectorworks plugin: Support for VW 2022 *
A3D-1970 - Procedural Curtains should use fewer triangles

* VW 2022 Beta Plugin coming soon!!

As always for a full listing please review the Build Report below:

Build Report

PC-Consoles Link

Mac Link

Reminder:  This is Beta and should not be discussed on social media or outside this Forum.