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Eos Family Software v3.1.3 Build 2 is Now Available!

Hello folks,

We are excited to kick off a new beta cycle with Eos v3.1.3 Build 2.

This patch version contains a few targeted changes and several bug fixes.  Be sure to download and review the Build Report for a full listing.

  • Multicell overlapping addresses
  • Click-To-Focus inverted with some user ranges
  • Color Picker Color Path tool memory leak
  • SVG Export with "&" symbol
  • Double Touch events
  • Augment3d fixes and changes

Build Report

PC-Consoles Link

Mac Link

As a reminder this is Beta Software and is not without risk.  Please keep all Beta related feedback, comments, questions, and concerns limited to this Open Beta Forum.

Thank you,

Seth Starr

Acceptance Test Specialist