Augment3d FPE Calibration Issue (Cross Posted)

A couple of issues we are experiencing with Augment3d at the moment: 

  1. For some reason, the RFR app is not recognizing all of the Reference Points. I have inserted points 6-10 at various places around my stage to be able to scan in. For some reason, Reference Images 7 and 9 are not recognized. If I scan in 6, 8, and 10 the app responds instantaneously and accurately. 

  2. min recalculating word position based upon FPE points, I have one group of fixtures that wants to completely rotate upside down and position themselves under the stage pointing upwards. These same fixture types are mirrored on the opposite side of the stage. The FPE set is also mirrored on the other side of the stage. Utilizing the same process, the SL side of the stage worked properly, but the SR set of fixtures is causing issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to get up and running ASAP. Please see image below to see how Z-Position and Y-Orientation are freaking out a bit.