Vectorworks Plugin v1-2-1b12 and VW 2022 SP3


Brand new to the VW plugin for A3d. I downloaded the v1-2-1 Built 12 file and dropped it into my plugins folder, but getting the "not compatible" error. Are the plug-ins Service Pack specific? I saw the thread that they are version specific.  I'm running VW 2022 SP3 Build 636848 for Mac.

Or have I done something else wrong?


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  • Hi Richard! On a new machine running VW 2022 SP3, I have installed the Augmented plugin as you describe, and I see it in the 'built-in plug-ins' list, but it does not appear as an export option in the export menu.

    I have the same plug-in installed on a machine running 2022 SP2 and it works just fine. Am I missing something? Rebooted VA, and the OS too.